Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh - Part One

Last night, we played the 3rd night of our new Wednesday night campaign. We're playing The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh using 3.5/Pathfinder rules, which none of the players have used before. Our DM, Jared, is doing a great job with it. He has a long campaign in mind that will weave together a number of entries taken from a list of the best 30 D&D adventures of all time. We'll post summaries of our adventures here on this blog as we go. Here is part 1:

The Shining Scorpion, an adventuring party made up of Ehlum, the suli summoner, Wilster, the elf magus, ZZZ, the drow rogue (yes, we have an elf and a drow in the same party and they don't try to kill each other... it's a long story) and new recruit Tribad, the vishkanya ninja, were passing through Saltmarsh as they searched the land for adventure. Ehlum, Wilster and Tribad find a local tavern, and find plenty of scurvy locals. The first that the run into is Koell Fenthran, an elven settler and the oldest person in town. He's a member of the town council. From him the group learned of the haunted house, owned by a sinister alchemist who disappeared 20 years earlier. The house still stands because the people of the town are too scared to go there. He tells the three adventurers about an old poacher who knows stories of the haunted house and might be able to help them.

Meanwhile, Zav Zod Zoz is on the outskirts of town burying the body of a man who apparently wronged him, an old poacher from Saltmarsh...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paint Job - Goblin Pirate Miniature

This is a mini I'm going to use as my character for a separate game, in which we are going to run Pathfinder's Skull and Shackles. I've also included a sketch of him that I did during a meeting at work today.
Moglub Orctooth, Goblin Sea Singer Bard

 - John

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Cast

Here's a rundown of our large and rather weird adventuring party:

Ehlum (that's a fake name) - Suli Summoner (N) - Played by John.
Wilster - Elf Magus (N) - Played by Kevin C.
Aichio - Tengu Witch (N) - Played by Elliot.
SteelHeals - Aasimar Paladin (LG) - Played by Richelle.
Tribad - Vishkanya Ninja (N) - Played by Kevin G.
Zav Zod Zoz - Drow Rogue (CN) - Played by Henry.
Craig - Fetchling Ranger (NG) - Played by Corey

We'll post individual spotlights of each adventurer in the days to come.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Murder in Baldur's Gate - Lady Balsam's Crypt

Some more pics for today. These are from a session we played a few weeks back. I'm really surprised our thief didn't disturb the Dwarven burial chamber in order to loot the place.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Sooner or later, we'll start posting details from our games here, and descriptions of our characters. For now we'll just post some pics.

Here is one from last night's game in the Salt Marsh. The paladin and the magus find a bunch of centipedes while the rest of the party is still hanging out by the well outside:

The summoner finishes off the big snake in the well with an eagle.