Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Skull and Shackles

A few of us are going to be starting a Skull and Shackles campaign this Thursday. Are party will include a goblin, a dwarf were-shark, and a minotaur. It's going to be weird. Between us, we have most of the miniatures from the Pathfinder Battles, Skull and Shackles set. We will post updates.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pirate Cove Map

Here is a map that I made for a past custom adventure in which we fought un-dead pirates and other creatures.

- John

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Character Artwork - Theren Entseer

Here is artwork I created for an old character of mine, Theren Entseer. He is a chaotic good wood elf fighter, specializing in archery.

- John

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh - Part Two

Continuing with a summary of our Wednesday night game, here's part 2 of The Shining Scorpion adventuring crew's escapades.

After gathering more worthy adventurers to join in investigating the haunted house in Saltmarsh, The Shining Scorpion settled in for the night. The next morning, Jornn Shawn the former bard and current town clerk leads the crew to meet with the town council. Upon arriving, Jornn gives the group a rundown of the council members. Besides Jornn himself, there is Koell, the elf whom they met the previous night, Barbera, a rich, retired fisherwoman, Mavron, a rough, retired pirate, Sorthen, the most cliched, pointy hat wearing wizard in the world, Wayn, a land baron who is the youngest of the council and also the head, and Manfred, who is in charge of the docks and the harbor. The council agrees to let The Shining Scorpion investigate the alchemist's home, as long as they agree to bring whatever they find back to the council to identify any previously stolen items.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Misfits Origins: Ehlum (Sanna) Davusaam - Suli Summoner / Part 1

Part 1 - Peril Reveals a Blacker Purpose

Sanna Davusaam lived in Katheer, the capital city of Qadira, for most of his life. He grew up as a relatively poor citizen, but other than the occasional fight with other kids, he never faced much hardship. He was well liked by nearly everyone that knew him and his family, and they rarely went without food or friends. When he reached adulthood he worked a number of odd jobs, including many which benefited from his charisma and strength.

One of those jobs had Sanna acting as a courier, which often sent him to the homes of Katheer's nobility. While delivering a merchant's catalog of newly acquired goods to one of these noble's households, Sanna caught the attention of the beautiful, wealthy and powerful Baroness Lissi Besthana. The Baroness already had 6 husbands, but she was enamored by Sanna and pursued him for the following year. Sanna himself was beguiled by Lissi, and at the end of the year he agreed to marry her.

The next few years saw Sanna living a carefree life, and he enjoyed luxuries he never dreamed of. He quickly grew accustomed to fine wines and culinary delicacies, lavish wardrobes, and exotic pets. When he wasn't spending time with his bride, he would often hang around with the magic users in the Baroness's employ, learning simple tricks and bits of arcana. While they and most of the others in the Baroness's estate enjoyed Sanna's company, her other husbands did not. The favoritism and extra affection that she showed Sanna went on far longer than was typical following the acquisition of a new husband, and this made them jealous. The Baroness also refused to give Sanna any responsibilities, so the other husbands felt that he wasn't pulling his own weight.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Misfits Origins: Wilster Moonshadow - Elven Magus

Wilster Moonshadow
Many years ago in the River Kingdoms...

A soldier in the service of the Bloodstone Swords, Wilster Moonshadow began his service to the mercenary group as a sword-wielding fighter. He joined with his childhood friend, Rosten, and they made good money protecting merchant caravans and acting as guards for nobles.

After several successful missions, the pair gained the favor of Nemas Ricasso, the leader of the Bloodstone Swords. Soon after, he tasked them with a more dangerous mission: locating a wizard that had been harassing and stealing from the people of the River Kingdoms. 

On a rainy night, Wilster and Rosten led a group of mercs through a group of riverside caves where they had tracked the wizard through the deep mud. Wilster and Rosten went ahead into an open cavern from which they noticed water seeping through the dirt ceilings. Spotting the wizard - who had his back turned to them - Wilster drew his sword. The noise drew the wizard's attention, but as he swung around, a pile of mud and rocks crashed down on him and his readied spell fizzled into the damp air.