Monday, October 28, 2013

The Cast

Here's a rundown of our large and rather weird adventuring party:

Ehlum (that's a fake name) - Suli Summoner (N) - Played by John.
Wilster - Elf Magus (N) - Played by Kevin C.
Aichio - Tengu Witch (N) - Played by Elliot.
SteelHeals - Aasimar Paladin (LG) - Played by Richelle.
Tribad - Vishkanya Ninja (N) - Played by Kevin G.
Zav Zod Zoz - Drow Rogue (CN) - Played by Henry.
Craig - Fetchling Ranger (NG) - Played by Corey

We'll post individual spotlights of each adventurer in the days to come.

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