Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh - Part Two

Continuing with a summary of our Wednesday night game, here's part 2 of The Shining Scorpion adventuring crew's escapades.

After gathering more worthy adventurers to join in investigating the haunted house in Saltmarsh, The Shining Scorpion settled in for the night. The next morning, Jornn Shawn the former bard and current town clerk leads the crew to meet with the town council. Upon arriving, Jornn gives the group a rundown of the council members. Besides Jornn himself, there is Koell, the elf whom they met the previous night, Barbera, a rich, retired fisherwoman, Mavron, a rough, retired pirate, Sorthen, the most cliched, pointy hat wearing wizard in the world, Wayn, a land baron who is the youngest of the council and also the head, and Manfred, who is in charge of the docks and the harbor. The council agrees to let The Shining Scorpion investigate the alchemist's home, as long as they agree to bring whatever they find back to the council to identify any previously stolen items.

Following the meeting, The Shining Scorpion began the four mile trek to the haunted house. The people of the town were excited to have such capable warriors in the town, so the children danced and the people sang and they paraded the crew on they long walk. As they got closer to the missing alchemist's home, however, the procession of townsfolk quickly dissipated. Left on their own, the adventurers approached the dilapidated house. It sat on the edge of a cliff, its gardens overgrown, with a half-open iron gate. The group was extremely cautious as they investigated the grounds outside of the home, but it turned out to be anti-climatic. They decide to try the front door, and were greeted by a booming, disembodied voice. "You will all die here, hahahahaha!" A few members of the party fell under a fear spell tied to the voice and ran off, refusing to use that entrance even after composing themselves. Some of the members who weren't affected by the spell searched the porch area for a bit, and then joined the others to find another entrance.

Next, part 3!

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