Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Feast of Dust Continues - Gaan's Preparations

Tobacco smoke creeps out from under the door of the small cabin on Barstool's airship where Gaan and Sayid study the Oblivion Keys. Occasionally Gaan emerges, his blue tattoos swirling like the wind which follows him, face buried in a book, and Vestro on his shoulder. He half consciously flies around the ship, getting water and food, and popping in and out of his quarters before returning to Sayid and their studies. A keen observer might notice that the tiny dragon's eyes are open wide, paying attention to where they are going. He's likely using his telepathy to tell Gaan to avoid obstacles so the wizard isn't interrupted while he reads.

Three days after obtaining the Calabash of Last Draughts, Gaan suddenly materializes on the deck of the ship with the artifact slung across his chest. He also carrying a number of books, scrolls, and small leather backpack that is nearly identical to his own handy haversack. He immediately sets the items he's carrying down on the deck and pulls six golden colored glass bottles from the backpack which seems too small to have been carrying them. "Straight from the bee-keepers of the Plains of Paresh, seasonal honeywine for the crew!" he yells, and sets the bottles down. He then produces several small packages wrapped in colored cloth that would each fit in the palm of one's hand. "Qadira's finest tobacco!" Gaan tosses a few to nearby crewmembers and sets the rest down on the deck. He retrieves the books and scrolls, and addresses the group again.

"The desert sun burns down upon us, but the cool winds embrace us and keep us alert and ready for what comes next. Sayid and I are inching ever closer to unlocking the secrets of the Oblivion Keys and Finding the Jackal Prince." Gaan grasps Calabash that rests over his chest. The winds around the ship pick up. "We are developing a plan to take him down and to restore the desert to it's rightful state, and honoring the sacrifices of the Sentinels of Meraz that came before us!" He raises a clenched fist into the air, displaying the tattoo that marks his membership in the secret society. "You will all be a part of history, and bards across all of Qadira, nay, all of the world and among the outer planes will sing our song!"

With the books and scrolls in hand, Gaan heads back into the cabin to Sayid, and they commence their studies.

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