Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shining Scorpion - Disintigration is in the Eye of the Beholder

Good ol Kevin Coffey reminded us that we have a blog last week when he wrote up a bit of fiction about his character, Wilster. After reading it, I told Jared that we need to post pics every week from our game. And guess what... I remembered! I even added some special effects to one of the pics...

A knowledge check tells us that ropers hate fire. Wall of fire and summoned fire mephits it is!

These custom made Legend Comics and Coffee d6s are maxing out on some healing!

The irrational and impatient Tribad finds the beholder. The beholder says hello with a death ray.

Before being turned to stone, Jho Kruusha gets in a critical hit on an opportunity attack! Those custom Legend d6s max out again!

With two PCs knocked out and one turned to stone, it's up to Craig and Ehlum!

After a few barrages of arrows from Craig, Ehlum finished the beholder with another wall of fire!

Well, we'll be back next week with more pics! And maybe some other cool stuff in between. In the meantime, the Shining Scorpion crew is going to level up!

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