Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Misfit Origins: Rogar Stonefist - Dwarven Monk

Written by Kevin Guthrie 

Rogar Stonefist worked with the rest of his clan as dwarves do. They tunneled and burrowed with the purpose of excavating wondrous caverns and great halls. Many others would mine the ore and work it with great precision. Rogar didn’t care much for this life. For that matter, most of the dwarves did not care much for Rogar. He was loud and obnoxious. Words poured forth from his mouth like water of a raging river. He’d say things with great booming intent where others might be more polite and discreet. He never meant any harm. In fact, he often said equally uncourteous remarks about himself. It was his nature.

He spent much of his free time in books and working his craft. He so enjoyed working stone in a way that a human would work clay. He developed a reputation for making stone ornaments for dwarven beards. He’d carve small figurines from stone as easily as someone might whittle a piece of wood. This brought great joy and satisfaction to Rogar. But his clan found it a frivolous pursuit; though they did like wearing his beads and baubles. The other dwarves also like the fact that it often kept Rogar from saying any little thing that popped into his head. Rogar was honest to a fault.

Life’s path changed when Rogar met another odd dwarf, Stoholt. He was a monk and quite disciplined. He showed Rogar another life; one Rogar had never considered. The graceful moves of Stoholt were entrancing. Rogar was eager to learn more. Stoholt took Rogar under his wing and the two of them went back to Shoholt’s monastery, which was Soaring Tower, the House of Forge and Fist.

Stoholt introduced Rogar to the temple master Murgrim Ironside. He was old, wise, and quick. Rogar had never seen a dwarf move so fast. Stoholt led Rogar to the adept’s chambers where he was assigned and shared a room with another dwarf, Brannock Uhlgren. The two grew to be friends as they trained many years together. But it didn’t last. One day Brannock told Rogar he had applied to another monastery for more training. It didn’t break their bond, but it did sour the day a bit; which was quickly sweetened with great quantities of dwarven ale and stories from Brannock’s favorite book, a journal of Father Torl’s journeys. The two would talk at length of the world beyond the monastery.

Eventually the day came when Brannock had to leave. Another dwarf was coming to provide passage for him. Stoholt had made the arrangements. Rogar had spent a great deal of time on a parting gift for Brannock. It was a trio of perfect baubles for his friend’s beard. They were inscribed with favorite mantras they shared. Rogar rushed to meet Brannock before departure and present his gift. As he reached Brannock, a large sailing ship – airborne no less – rounded a nearby mountain peak. A very impressive sight. Brannock introduced Rogar to the ship’s captain, Barstool. The three exchanged pleasantries until Rogar unintentionally made an offensive remark about Barstool’s ship. Brannock gave Rogar the journal and a brewing kit so he could always be the one giving Rogar an ale.

The airship underscored the fact that Rogar was not well travelled like so many others. Brannock’s gift was a particularly poignant. The journal of travels by Father Toral Cabot was volume two in the series. Rogar told master Murgrim the book had enlightened his view of the world and that it was time he find his own perspective. “I wish to leave this for others so they may learn of the world and not be stupid monks. It is time I forge my own path”.

Toward the end of the journal, Father Torl mentioned that he would be heading to Taggoret. That is where Rogar would begin his worldly enlightenment.

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