Saturday, January 7, 2017

Misfits Origins: Dai Shan - Fetchling Blade Bound Magus Part 1

The Grayed Reapers followed the trail through the trees. The path twisted and changed but it always ended up in the same place. Around them the trees began to sway and their empty branches clacked against each other.

But there was no wind, no breeze that blew by them.

Dai Shan turned around and watched the pale light come off Shadow Absalom behind them. They had taken a hidden path up the cliff face that O’dirick knew of from her time spent with the Onyx Alliance and the city spread out below them.

It seemed the trees were applauding as they passed underneath their branches. The storm on the Material plane must have been fierce.

Better to be applauded now, he thought since they would be met with only silence once they returned.

They were a myth, The Grayed Reapers, and once they left the city behind them they didn’t exist. For their whole existence that had been their way. They would live again once they returned to their lives.

Shaln led the way along the path, her lithe form silent and twin axes strapped across her back. The others followed. Torric had his alchemical bombs wrapped in cloth to silence their clacking and he looked eager. Thoughts of his creations always put a smile on his face and Dai Shan could hear him joking with Ehlkarn as they went, the big warrior laughing back.

Thank you Torric, he thought. The alchemist filled more roles than grenadier.

Hectayr was close behind them. The silent monk almost disappeared in the shadows but Dai Shan always knew he was near. He would never leave them to fight alone.

“Do you think she knows,” asked O’dirick as she came beside Dai Shan, her eyes on the city below, “that her child is about to die?”

Dai Shan turned away from the city to look at the Oracle. She stood tall with her cloak thrown back revealing her chain shirt and morning star that hung from her belt. Her shield was on her back. Black antlers flowed down and back from her headband, charms dangled from the tines, her long white hair halfway down her back. He met her haunted eyes and was reminded how eerily beautiful she was.  

“I hope not. If so, our people will know before we do. But what do your bones tell you?”

“That change is coming. For all of us.”

“Anything I can work with, O’dirick?” Dai Shan had come to rely on her more than the others but her cryptic answers frustrated him to no end.

Her eyes locked hard on his but her smile softened, “Only that the spirits are excited, old friend.” She looked over to the rest of The Grayed Reapers. “And be ready, Battle Lord. Wear your mantle, become it.”

Dai Shan watched her walk away, his hand resting on the hilt of his scimitar. Battle Lord. He supposed he was. Tonight, when they made camp, he would read his spellbook and prepare. The Grayed Reapers were counting on him.

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