Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Misfits Origins: Tribad, Vishkanya Ninja

Written by Kevin Guthrie

Tribad closes her eyes. She tries to picture her mother. She can't. She can't remember her father either. Did she have a family? They are only faceless forms out of a shrouded child's memory. The lights of her real parents are both lost to history. Instead, her memories transform to those who raised her from a child. Those who raised her were shadows of her childhood.

The guild was her family. Her brothers and sisters would help her, guide her, and protect her. But just like normal siblings, they would dare her to do things. It was only childhood rivalry. The first dare was the town drunk. The second dare was a merchant who sold worthless baubles. The third dare was a farmer. Tribad had already killed three people before completing her 10th cycle of rebirth.

The assassin's guild is a hard place to grow up, but it has advantages. Food meant you didn't go hungry. A bed meant you were safe for the night. It also meant you had the skills necessary to survive on your own. They trained her. They taught her how to use weapons, poison, and shadow to her advantage. They gave her a purpose -- a dark purpose.

Tribad had completed all her training and passed all the tests, except one. She was given an assignment. Complete the assignment and become an official member of the guild. There was a prominent merchant in a neighboring town that wanted a problem eliminated. Tribad's assignment was to fulfill the contract.

Tribad "borrowed" a small wagon from a farmer and proceeded to her assignment. The two-day trip was uneventful. She found a small clearing and hitched the horse and wagon in seclusion. Proceeding to the manor, she felt very confident in achieving her objective, a second story window and eliminate the target.

She waited for twilight and take advantage of the approach of darkness. Enter the window, no problem. Find the objective, no problem. The lady was sleeping in bed, no problem. Hear a baby's cry, problem. She muffled the lady's startled cry and discovered a dark truth. The merchant had hired the guild to kill his wife, Bella.

Tribad had lost her parents, her family, her heritage. She had been sent to do the same to another. She couldn't do it. But, she couldn't avoid it either. The guild looks most unfavorably to failure.

Just as Tribad struggles to resolve her conflict, somebody enters the room. Swiftly, instinctively, Tribad swings her sword. Bella's personal maid lay dying on the floor. In killing, Tribad finds her salvation.

Tribad returned to the guild with the braided locks of Bella's hair wrapped in swaddling cloth. The guild was pleased and commended Tribad with completion of her task. The merchant was less enthusiastic with the empty burned husk of his manor. Several burned bodies remained in the building. All were dead. No witnesses.

Tribad's experience leaves her with a new resolve. As she leaves the guild in good standing, she leaves with a wry smile and never looks back. Time to find the light.

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